Getting rid of small everyday viruses.

1. Start your computer.
2. Go to Safe Mode (F8).
3. Type msconfig in the run window.
4. Uncheck all startup items if you dont know what to check or uncheck.
5. Restart your computer.

Another Way:
1. Restore your computer to a date that you cant remember. Let it be one year back 🙂

Another good Way:
1. Call someone who does not have time.
2. Invite him/her for lunch.
3. Tell him you are a fan of him/her
4. Tell him/her to sit on your computer and browse as long as possible 🙂

Another way:
1. Format – Install – Format – Install – Format …

The Best way:
1. If you own a computer, make friendship with viruses. Dont bother them, they wont bother you.


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