Starting & Managing a business in UAE.

The most important thing to start a business in the UAE is to have a strong base of connections. Its all about people whom you know and people who can give you good advice and you can rely on them in case you are in trouble.

The first few things that are essential is to be devote your mind into business. If you are not sure whether job is good or business is good you should go for job and forget about business. Relax your mind. Take a long breathe and say, I want to do business.

After you have settled your mind, its time to search for an office. You have to get an office. Offices ranges from 20,000 AED and there is no upper limit. Its very common to not find an office. Then either you have to give a high key money or share an office with someone.

After selecting the Office, you have to find a local partner. If you are in the free zone area, the story is different. In that case, you dont need a local partner.

There are lots of choices in starting a business like establishment, Limited Liability Company (LLC), PJSC (Public Joint Stock Company), PSC (Public Stock Company) and so on.


(to be continued)

I chose business over job in my early age of my life. I have worked in an outsourcing company and also as a freelancer. But when I came to UAE looking for jobs, it was a hard nut to crack. I worked in a company in dubai which was Comsoft Computer Consultants as a Programmer, looking after their .NET Projects. But they were unable to provide me the visa. My visa was expiring and with Allah’s blessing and my father’s help, we formed a company in the middle of Abudhabi city.

The company is still growing and one day it will become the biggest software company in the world (Inshallah). Its hard to manage everything. I had to learn how to talk with people, work closely with them, help them out. The thing what I think is to help people solve their problems. If you help someone, he/she will remeber your act. Its the small things that make you big. 🙂

I will write more about my businesss till then…bye


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