Etisalat Domain Registration & Hosting Manual!

Our new client wanted to have their domain and hosting in local Etisalat because it has a high reputation of being good and secure. Here is a roadmap of how we did all the tasks. This is a manual that you wont find anywhere.

Domain Registration:  

  1. Go to
  2. Search for your domain and write it down on a paper
  3. Download the application form from the site and fill in appropriate fields
  4. If you are hosting another place fill in the nameserver, otherwise keep it blank


There are a lots of package from etisalat. We have chosen the Ultra Package.

  1. Dowload the hosting from or collect it from any etisalat branch

Now comes the tricky part.

How to access the Hosting Control Panel :

Address :

Username :

Password : <scratch the card>

How to access the Email Management Panel:

Address :

Username :

Password : <scratch the card>

How to connect to etisalat ftp?

1. cmd <enter>

2. ftp

3. <userid>

4. <password>

Some Free FTP Software :

FileZilla :


2 thoughts on “Etisalat Domain Registration & Hosting Manual!

  1. you were extremely helpful. i had the same kind of request from a client, but i had no idea how to access the http://ftp….it never occurred to me to use instead of even though it was a small favor, but due to my very close deadline you have been extremely helpful….THANK YOU!

    PS: Etisalat sucks, no documentation what so ever about the ftp access :@. btw you wont believe it but i had no option but to upload a file at a time on their online control panel….

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