Removing any Virus from your USB/Flash Drive/Memory Card ETC.

While inserting the USB Flash Disk Continuously press ESC so no program can start automatically.

Double click on my computer to get the name of the drive that is your flash drive.

Suppose it is (f:)

Dont do anything. Close My Computer

Click on Start > Run > Type cmd [press Enter]

Change drive to your Flash Drive

f:\ (enter)
(Check for files autorun.inf, any file with .exe suspicious)
attrib -s -r -h -a (enter)
(This will remove all kind of restrictions of files)
del autorun.inf (enter)
del “New Folder.exe”
… … …
del all files that looks suspicious

If your computer is infected do the above for each drive.

Go to msconfig
Remove all startup programs
Go to Start Up Folder
Remove all unknown programs

Have fun. Any question ask me!


17 thoughts on “Removing any Virus from your USB/Flash Drive/Memory Card ETC.

  1. Good morning,

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We removed RavMonE.exe from my usb flashdrive. We followed the steps you’ve mention and it works. Thank You for sharing your inputs to us.

    2. I still have one (1) usb left 4gb. I’m sure that there are virus in it, because the computer cannot detect my 4gb usb but i can see or it is appearing on my computer. I followed the tip you’ve mention. I opened start button, then go to “RUN” and type CMD. After that i changed the drive to my flashdrive, but the computer cannot detect my flashdrive. How can I open my flashdrive? Please help me to remove the virus? Kindly email me the steps on how my computer can detect my usb flashdrive. (TAKE NOTE THAT, I CAN SEE “REMOVABLE DISK” ON MY COMPUTER, BUT THE COMPUTER WILL SAY “PLEASE INSERT DISK ON DRIVE D:”

    Please help me. Thank You very much in advance!

  2. I tried but i have a file on my memory card that is about 4 gb and my card is 1 gb only 😀 and the name of that file is unreadible sorry for my bad english 😀

  3. can you help me? i have a problem wid my memory card for my cellphone.. i can’t open my memory card in my computer..when i try to open it.. the my computer window doesn’t respond…how do i solve this?

  4. Use the following code in command prompt to clean virus manually :

    Disable all programs in msconfig startup

    taskkill /IM
    attrib -s -h -r -a | del filename.exe | md filename.exe | attrib +s +r +h +a filename

  5. this is link to remove your pen drive write protected and memory card write protected also virus removal tool just follow the instruction

    hi guy it’s very easy
    for tricks of USB devices

    Start, Run, type “regedit”

    Find the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ StorageDevicePolicies
    Create a REG_DWORD value named WriteProtect and give it the value 0.

    and if you want to protect it you have to put 1 instead 1

    other suggestion:into windows sweet

    or mail me i help you :

  6. I have virus in my usb.
    When i insert the usb, my computer doesnot read any files in it while some computers do.. I dun want to remove an files from it, i have some important stuff saved in it. How can i clean files without loosing them?

    • May be the flash drive is corrupted. If you want I can check the flash drive remotely by TeamViewer. You can provide me your Teamviewer ID and I can fix it remotely.

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