When you see someone doing wrong you should protest!

Its wrong to draw picture of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SW), whoever drew it had intention to hurt the feelings of the Muslim Community. Whoever is behind the plot has a broader idea to fuel anger among the muslims and create an atmosphere where they can show others that Muslim are terrorists. We protest very strongly but without any violence that whoever hurts any of the things of Islam is hurting the brotherhood of the muslims. So, whenever someone is planning to do these kind of things should be aware of the after effects.

Women are suspected to carry bomb and they are reported to be suicide attackers. So, in the name of this things, people are making a way to search every woman to make sure that she has no bomb. What in the hell we people are living in. We are more barbaric than any other time in history. What is the use of knowledge and success and technology. We should be more human. The people who blames someone are themselves the guilty.

May Allah Show us the right Path.


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